Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, how much is the dream engagement ring worth

Like any self-respecting betrothed too Jennifer Lopez got her dream ring. After three shipwrecked marriages too JLo seems to have found his fairytale with Ben Affleck and the jewel chosen to seal their love could only have been a thousand and one nights.

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Jennifer Lopez, how much is Ben Affleck’s dream engagement ring worth

The actor, who already in 2002 was a steady couple with the pop star, opted for a 8.5 carat green diamond. A completely out of the ordinary choice for the size but above all for the color, which makes the object a unique piece of its kind.

According to the estimates of an expert reached by People, Grant Mobley, “green is the second rarest natural color of a diamond […]. Only a small handful of green diamonds arrive on the market every year and almost never the color and size of this diamond ». This would explain the reason for the estimate, indicated between 5 and 10 million dollars. However, this is a figure destined to increase over time, since it will be increasingly difficult to extract stones of this type in the coming years.

By the way, the choice of green color is anything but random. “There are many moments in my life when incredible things have happened when I was wearing green,” said the singer herself on social media. It is not the first time that Ben Affleck has opted for fancy diamonds. Already in 2004, at the time of his first engagement with JLo, the actor had declared himself with a 6.1 carat pink diamond. This time the chosen color is even rarer, with the hope that it will really bring luck to their love.

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