Kim Kardashian wanted ex-husband Kanye West to be her musical guest on Saturday Night Live

Revelations overseas. There star Kim Kardashian revealed he thought he had Kanye West as his musical guest at the Saturday Night Live in October 2021. Kim asked for the divorce from her ex-husband in February last year and has since witnessed a number of attacks on social media against her. However, in the first episode of the TV series The Kardashians, whose protagonist is Kim with the billionaire sisters, he talked about having West as a guest.

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“I’ve been going back and forth since Kanye’s album is released. I want it to be, it would be epic if it were mine musical guest, but then do I want my moment? ” Kim asked her family about her before filming the iconic comedy show.

Later, Kardashian told his stylist: “Obviously it would be the improvebut maybe this is my chance to do something alone. I don’t know, it might even be super calming“.

“It would be so nice for the children see mom and dad together on SNL, it’s so good, but then I could be more stressed, ”admitted the star later.

Last updated: Friday 15 April 2022, 13:33


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