Vania Barrón disappeared. She left home to exercise in Iztapalapa

Vania Barron Juarez 26-year-old disappeared on April 13 after leaving home to exercise in the Lomas de Zaragoza neighborhood, Iztapalapa mayor’s office.

Laura Juárez, mother of the minor, told EL UNIVERSAL that her daughter left home Wednesday night and told her she was going to exercise.

“He had no money, only two pesos because he said he would go to a pharmacy to weigh himself, he wasn’t even wearing a sweater”.

She normally went to run to Utopia Teotongobut yesterday that we were checking, the policemen they tell us there was no record. To enter they ask you to sign up and she did not register.”

He commented that they also reviewed C5 cameras and they have already visited some hospitals and the Semefobut at the moment there is no sign of the 26-year-old.

Wanted Vania Barrón Juárez

The Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) of Mexico City issued a search bulletin stating that Vania Barron Juarez He is of robust complexion, light brown complexion, wide forehead, medium-sized mouth, bushy eyebrows, brown eyes, straight dark hair, he is 1.65 cm tall.

He was wearing a white shirt, pink panties with stripes on the sides and white tennis shoes.

If you have whereabouts information call the phones: 55 53455080/ 55 53455082/ 55 53455067 (Office of the Prosecutor for the Investigation and Prosecution of Crimes in the Matter of Forced Disappearance of Persons and Disappearances Committed by Private Parties and Search for Disappeared Persons)

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