One of the funniest items in Fortnite is back with several improvements

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Fortnite It is continually renewed with new mechanics, skins and game modes. Occasionally, Epic Games decides to bring back content that was very well received by the community in past seasons. This has just happened with version 20.10, which brings with it one of the best items in Battle Royale.

The studio is also gearing up for the Easter festivities, so it brought back some Easter-themed items. On the other hand, he made some interesting changes in Condominium Canyon, a location where a war will break out.

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Jetpacks and Easter content returned to Fortnite

If you are one of the players who loved the jetpacks or rocket backpacks of the title, you will be glad to know that they are finally back. Where to get them? You will have to assault the airships of the OI, because there you will find them as one more reward.

Best of all, the object has some improvements that will certainly be well received. It is now possible to hover and move with jetpacks when aiming down sights. This will give players more freedom to plan their next moves. They are not currently available in competitive modes, but Epic is already looking into adding them.

As we told you, the Easter content is back, as the egg-thrower came out of the vault. It is a weapon that will allow you to shoot powerful projectiles that cause explosive damage. It can be found in chests or on the ground.

Jumping Eggs have also returned, which affect gravity and restore a bit of shield. These items will be available for a limited time, so we recommend you check them out.

Finally, Epic revealed that an exciting match will begin in Condominium Canyon, a location where the fight against the OI will continue. Following the war that was waged in El Clarín, players will now find stations for an armored battle bus and turrets on location.

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