Is getting back with your ex really a good idea?

However, there is also the other side of the coin to consider: the positive and sparkling one in which our ex was just a person not suitable for that specific juncture of his life and, now that things have changed years laterit’s actually a good idea to get back together.

I think about my relationship and, if I had met my current boyfriend some time ago, I would have ditched him after a few dates because, at the time, I was obsessed with wanting to have another type of boyfriend. And the same can happen to two exes too: in a particular period, it can be like two pieces of a puzzle that seemed to fit together, but with vain results. Instead, by smoothing the corners, it becomes clear that they can fit together perfectly.

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Either way, getting back with an ex is a risky operation. The emotional baggage that you carry around is even heavier than if you start dating someone you have recently met and, moreover, you risk much more of having a bitter disappointment.

But life, you know, is also made up of gut decisions, leaps into the void and, therefore, the right person for us could really be someone who has already been in our life. Be careful, however, not to turn this thought into an obsession: if it was a toxic relationship and if you want to get back with your ex just because you are afraid of being alone, stop and think that this may not be the right choice..

After all, among hundreds of human cases, there are certainly those who are suitable for you and can make you happy. Or even not: being single, in many cases, is the best decision we can make for ourselves.

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