Goodbye Reynoso Guzmán: Cruz Azul made a decision after the elimination against Pumas

Cruz Azul was forceful after the elimination of Reynoso Guzmán in the Conchampions at the hands of Pumas

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The result did not accompany Cruz Azul, as the team was eliminated against the Pumas, thanks to the global score, thus being left out of the Concachampions. The match ended with a 0-0 that did not know how to taste for either of the two Liga MX teams.

As a result, the world of the internet exploded against Reynoso Guzmán, a technical coach who was attacked on social networks asking for his departure from the club.

“Reynoso was out again, the same bullshit, a fucking goal was not scored, the fucking board was Reynoso and ordiales,” made known on social media.

Another person simply let see a simple and characteristic message that is seen by different coaches when the result is not favorable for their team: “Out Reynoso”, says said message on the networks.

Finally, another follower simply attacked the coach, announcing that he still does not know how to put together an eleven in the Cruz Azul team, despite the fact that the season is already ending: “This team does not generate anything, the season is going to end and Reynoso does not know how to make an eleven”, said.

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