There will be greater opportunities for justice, health, education and social welfare for women: Carolina Viggiano

Tlanchinol, Hgo., April 11, 2022.


• During his administration, he will promote programs that really guarantee these and other rights.

On a tour of the municipality of Tlanchinol, the candidate of the Va por Hidalgo coalition, expressed that she will work for women in matters of justice, health, education and social welfare with programs that really ensure their access to justice, when they live. violence.

He pointed out that this will be possible through advice, so that they have their alimony, manage to get out of the circle of violence in which they find themselves and stop depending on their aggressors.

It will also ensure that women really take care of their health care against breast and cervical cancer.

In this sense, he said that the current health system in the state will be modified, “today more women are dying than before, because the current health services at the national level are neglected by the federal government,” he stressed.

Before the inhabitants of this municipality and the region, he recounted the benefits of his efforts from the different areas he has occupied in both the state and federal governments, as well as in the Legislative Power.

He recalled that together they built the Cuamapil and Jalpa bridges, rehabilitated hydraulic concrete streets in Santa Rita, in Santa Cecilia we built the sports unit and built stands, a fast-paced soccer field and its Hueyapa galley.

He stated that they also began the construction of the road to Acatempa and San Salvador; bridges were built in the Totonicapa community.

Carolina Viggiano said that as a mountain woman she always speaks truthfully and up front and offered that they always find an ally in her and asked that they not be fooled by those candidates who have never visited this town and who do not know the state and therefore they do not know the needs of the municipalities and their people.

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