Piaggio, the Vespa designed by Justin Bieber unveiled – Tuscany

Monochrome stylistic concept of the model signed by the artist

(ANSA) – PONTEDERA (PISA), APRIL 11 – Piaggio: the Vespa designed by Justin Bieber has been unveiled. The music star has signed a new exclusive model of the famous scooter from the Pontedera (Pisa) house, personally conceived and designed by the pop star: it is Justin Bibier for Vespa.

Bieber’s passion for Vespa, Piaggio explains, is well known: “The first time I rode a Vespa was somewhere in Europe, probably in London or Paris.

I remember seeing a Vespa and thinking: I want to drive one! A unique experience. The wind that went through my hair, the incredible feeling of freedom, was fun “, the artist’s words.

Glam and timeless, the new Vespa designed by Bieber, he explains, “is an expression of his creativity. Monochromy is the stylistic concept” that characterizes it, with white as the color “that unites all the elements of the new Vespa Sprint: from the saddle to the grips, up to the spokes of the rims.

The brand logo and the flames drawn on the vehicle body are also tone-on-tone; a touch that the artist wanted to give to represent the creative drive, dynamism and vitality, values ​​shared by Bieber and Vespa.

Justin Bibier for Vespa, explains Piaggio, “is offered in the classic 50, 125 and 150cc engines, displacements that have made the history of Vespa, now declined according to the most stringent regulations for respect for the environment”. “A limited and exclusive edition, accompanied by a collection of accessories”: pre-booking will start on April 20. (HANDLE).


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