Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck get married: it’s official. JLo’s tearful confirmation: “Everything is perfect”

It’s all true! The Bennifers get married. After the photos released yesterday showing a super diamond on the pop star’s ring finger, today it’s JLo who spills the beans. Jennifer Lopez confirmed her engagement to Ben Affleck. The 52-year-old actress and singer shared a video of herself crying and looking at her engagement ring last night on her official website. Jennifer showed off the stunning sparkle in a 13 second clip. No trace of Ben in the video.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, marriage in sight? JLo paparazzi with the engagement ring on his finger: the gossip lights up

The Bennifers get married, official confirmation arrives

Just two days ago JLo had been paparazzi together with her daughter while walking through the shops and an important ring had been noticed on her ring finger, the pop star immediately noticed the photographers had tried to turn it trying to hide the stone, but by now the photo had been taken . And today comes the confirmation.

JLo in tears

The video began with a black screen with a view of her ring before the camera approached her face. The mother of two is visibly wiping away her tears of joy as she stared at her sparkling emerald and diamond.

She wore a casual outfit consisting of a green top, a knitted cardigan and minimal makeup. Jennifer can be heard whispering It’s perfect.

The story between Jennifer and Ben

So after 18 years Ben and JLo get back together and try again. Having bought a new house, the official engagement now arrives. It was the 2003, when Ben’s marriage proposal arrives for JLo: a mind-boggling 6.10-carat pink solitaire with an estimated value of $ 1.2 million. But things do not end well: in 2004 because in the general amazement Ben and Jennifer break up, while continuing to remain good friends. Ben was not ready for the big step, which he will instead take a year later with Jennifer Garner with whom he will have three children, before separating in 2015 and falling into a dramatic addiction, from which he will recover only years later. Now, however, after 18 years, love has returned to knock heavily on their doors and Bennifers have reopened their hearts. You can already smell the scent of orange blossom.

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