Police investigate Cristiano Ronaldo; mother accuses her son of injury

Not only has Manchester United opened an investigation into Cristiano Ronaldo for the video in which the Portuguese is seen throwing the cell phone of an Everton fan on his way out of Goodison Park; The police also do it, after the mother of the affected child accused him of injuring her son.

He “assaulted and bruised” the 14-year-old fan when he knocked over his mobile phone, after he recorded him bleeding from his leg.

Sarah Kelly, from Upton, brought her son Jake Harding to the stadium for the first time in the match that Everton won 1-0, but she never imagined what would happen at the end.

The mother spoke to the ‘ECHO’ media, “full time, the Man United players started walking. We were in Park End, so we were right next to the tunnel where they were walking, my son was there recording them all.”

“He filmed all the United players walking. And then he put the phone down because Ronaldo had pulled his sock down and his leg was bleeding. He put the phone down to see what it was, he didn’t even speak.”


“Ronaldo just walked by, in a terrible, terrible temper and he ripped the phone out of my son’s hand and kept walking. You can see from the bruise that he made contact. I just can’t believe he’s talking about it.” mother, also shared with ‘ECHO’ the image of the blow.

The police investigate the fact, like Manchester United, for now CR7 apologized on their social networks.

“It is never easy to deal with emotions in difficult times like the ones we are experiencing. However, we always have to be respectful, patient and set an example for all young people who love football. I would like to apologize for my incident and, if it is possible, I would like to invite this fan to watch a match at Old Trafford as a show of fair play and sportsmanship,” Cristiano Ronaldo wrote on Instagram.

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