Jennifer Lopez reveals her beauty secret: fermented cream

The skin of Jennifer Lopez seems to have no age. The singer and actress has now blown out her 50 candles for a while, yet she has the face of an eternal girl, bright, rested and relaxed. You may be wondering what treatments she undergoes to obtain such an incredible result, we wondered too. So by doing some research we discovered that her beauty secret is one cream with fermented active ingredients.

Apparently this is not a simple whim destined for the divas of the star system, but a trend for true beauty addicts. It seems that face products with fermented active ingredients are in great vogue. These are basic formulations of principles of natural origin enhanced thanks to the increasingly advanced and technological fermentation process.

What are fermented active ingredients?

This type of formulation seems to be a must for J-Lo, a certainty in terms of results. But that’s nothing new. Instead, it is natural ingredients, such as flowers, combined with bacteria, yeasts and other microorganisms, which break down the structure and make the particles smaller and more concentrated. Put simply, fermentation causes the principles broken down and intensified penetrate better and deeper into the skin, rendering more effective products.

Fermented creams and serums

Having discovered Jennifer Lopez’s secret, we immediately went in search of the products to buy to have a radiant skin like hers. Here we are, with the best fermented creams on the market in Italy, ready to advise you.

Florena night cream

Florena’s night cream is really great. The formula has a powerful one antioxidant action which restores the hydrolipidic film of the skin and fights the damage caused by free radicals. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. Its peculiarity is the fermented active ingredients and 99.47% ingredients of natural origin. Enriched with fermented purslane with antioxidant power, lactobacillus fermented moisturizing ed olive oil fermented. The final touch is given there Vitamin E and Omega 6 and Omega 9, precious nutrients for the skin.

Illuminating Elixir Oil Serum

To make the creams even more effective, the secret is to add two drops of Florena Elixir Serum Oil with fermented active ingredients. A product that gives the skin a bright and fresh finish, thanks to the concentration of pink helichrysum known for its antioxidant properties and safflower oil rich in nourishing and moisturizing properties. Also excellent as a make-up base for dry skin. Combination and oily skin are best applied in the evening to allow the texture to absorb.

Fermented moisturizer

Also from Florena, the cream light moisturizer fermented. Suitable for sensitive, combination and oily skin, it is not greasy and absorbs quickly. Gives long-lasting hydration for 24 hours, leaving the skin softer and smoother. Contains Camellia, Olive Oil, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fermented, to penetrate deeper and ensure a radiant effect.

We just have to try the creams with fermented active ingredients to find out if Jennifer Lopez is right. Say sure, consistent good skin care can only benefit our skin.

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