Taapsee Pannu Drama Free Wedding Mathias Boe: Taapsee Pannu Wants Drama Free Wedding With Boyfriend Mathias Boe Which Can Inspire And Feel Awkward Many

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu is in a relationship with badminton player Mathias Boe for the past few years. By the way, Hasina keeps her personal life to herself. She is seen talking a lot about her relationship with her boyfriend. However, recently the actress has talked about her marriage in an interview given to a magazine, in which she not only talked about her relationship with Mathias but also told about the wedding plans. Many girls may not agree with what Taapsee has said about her marriage, because what she said is not a common thing but something different. (Photo Credits – India Times)

How is Taapsee’s relationship with boyfriend

Taapsee first talked about her relationship with Mathias and said, I always wanted that whoever I am with should not be from the industry. It is a good thing that at the very beginning of my career, I met a person with whom I feel comfortable being with. Very interesting things happen between us. The most beautiful thing in our relationship is each other’s culture. Nothing has changed even after all these years.

Wants no-makeup look in marriage

Talking about her wedding plans, Taapsee said, “I don’t think an entire village is needed to get ready. I hate seeing brides who are covered with thick layers of makeup. In such a situation, how can you enjoy seeing those pictures in which you look completely different. These memories are not just for that moment but are made for a lifetime.

Many girls may not agree with Taapsee’s views regarding marriage. However, the beauty of the relationship is definitely visible in their words. Many times there is so much pressure on girls to look good, due to which they have to do makeup.

Inspiration is hidden in Taapsee’s words

The way Taapsee talked about avoiding makeup with full confidence regarding her marriage, it is commendable. This is also because many months before the wedding, girls are forced to think about how to look their best in their wedding. It can also be understood in such a way that you are always worried that if there is a slight lack in your look in front of the in-laws and your future partner, what will they say.

What your partner will think comes to mind, it shows the foundation of your relationship. When you are in a true relationship with someone, he does not care about your appearance or looks, but because of your honesty and demeanor, he is with you.

Your choice to do makeup or not

We are not saying that wearing heavy makeup in a wedding is wrong at all. It can be your personal choice how you want to look in your wedding. However, these words of Taapsee also give another option to many girls, who run away from heavy makeup and many dramas. If they want, they can decide to do their marriage in a simple way and look as they are. It can not only set a new example in the society but can also be successful in providing evidence of a strong relationship.

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