‘Dibu’ Martínez disrespected Mexico and must apologize

The Argentine goalkeeper published a video in which he seems to say that the Mexican team will be an easy opponent in the World Cup

Andres Fassiformer director of Grupo Pachuca and current president of Talleres de Córdoba, said that the goalkeeper of the Argentina, Emiliano Martinezyou must offer an apology to Mexico for disrespecting him when considering that he will be an easy rival in the World Cup.

Last Friday when Mexico was drawn in the same group of the albiceleste, the Dibu Martinez published a video on social networks in which it seems to hear “easy, easy (easy, easy)”.

“What did I think about what the goalkeeper (Emiliano) Martinez gave his opinion regarding Mexico? The truth is that I am very struck by the fact that he is a player who did his training structure in Europe, with many years playing in England, knowing what the Fair Play codes are, the codes that we all have to have as professionals and it made me really very foolish,” he said. Fassi in interview with ESPN from Malaga, Spain.

“I think I should ask for a sorryfirst because he is very wrong, because Mexico It won’t be an easy rival, and then I think it’s disrespectful to a country, to colleagues, it’s not part of the Fair Play of football to talk like that, saying ‘it’s good that we got this team because it’s easy’ , I think that he Dibu Martinezwho is a great goalkeeper, who is a great professional, he was definitely wrong about this, he will have to ask for a sorry because it is not the way or the Fair Play to deal with between rivals and national teams, and much less with a professional of his magnitude, ”he said. Fassi.

The also partner of Talleres de Córdoba mentioned that both Argentina What Mexico they should advance to the Round of 16 in that Group C, above Poland and Saudi Arabia.

“I definitely put as candidates Argentina and Mexico, to Mexico and Argentina. the truth that Mexico He has shown a very competitive level in the World Cups, this was also the case at the opening of the World Cup (Russia 2018) when it was Mexico’s turn to face Germany, that Mexico played a great game and beat them (1-0) in a great game to Germany, I have no doubt that Mexico and Argentina are the big favorites in this area. I put Mexico, even though Poland has very important players like (Robert) Lewandowski or (Piotr) Zielinski, I put Mexico above Poland, I am convinced that Mexico and Argentina will be the protagonists and will have great chances of going to the second instance,” he said. Andres Fassi.

“However, my big candidates to reach the Final of the world suddenly perhaps in America they are Brazil and Argentinaand in Europe I put France, Spain and Belgium, although it will still be a World Cup with surprises”.

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