The departure of Angulo de Cruz Azul hurt him and he would leave the team after the game against Atlas

After the departure of Bryan Angulo, he would seek to leave Cruz Azul
After the departure of Bryan Angulo, he would seek to leave Cruz Azul

the output of Bryan Angle from Blue Cross He left several of his former teammates shocked because they did not expect one of their oldest players to leave the team in the middle of the tournament.

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You have to remember that Bryan Angle now he’s a player Saints of Brazil after I was comfortable with it Blue Cross Well, from the booing of the fans towards him, he was dissatisfied.

One of the footballers of the Machine that hurt his departure the most was that of Adrian Aldrete With whom he had a good relationship and they were even seen together in training. So the left side would also seek his departure from the institution.

It must be remembered that Aldrete’s contract ends in the summer, so he would not renew with Blue Cross after the latest events with his former partner. So the Machine will have to find a substitute.

Do you already have candidates?

According to Adrian Esparza from TUDNthe Machine would already have a side from Paraguay in negotiations, so it is certain that it will be to replace the eminent departure of Adrián Aldrete.

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