Dibu Martínez makes fun of Mexico; easy rival in Qatar 2022

The controversies do not stop around the Mexico national teamso first a

Argentine journalist

considered as ‘a gift’ to face the Aztec team in Qatar 2022
, because he believes that they will win without any problem; now Dibu Martinezgoalkeeper of the Albicelestehad a controversial reaction.

The Argentine goalkeeper Aston-Villa became a trend in social networks after ‘underestimating’ the Mexican teambecause he also described it as an ‘easy’ rival.

The wonders of Qatar | World Cup 2022

Dibu Martínez ‘makes fun’ of Mexico

A video went viral on social media showing the Dibu Martinez with your child as you watch the lottery on the way to Qatar 2022where they captured the moment before Mexico appeared as a rival Argentina.

The goalkeeper Argentinian see the ball come out of the Mexican team the hype 2 and immediately begins to jump for joy with his son, saying the following words.

drawing and messi

“easy, easy”, which in Spanish translates as “easy, easy”, cataloging in this way Mexico on Qatar 2022.

The critics They did not wait on social networks because they considered it as a disrespectin addition to the fact that the fans believe that they are guilty of overconfidence, since Mexico could surprise them in Qatar 2022.

Dibu Martínez spoke after the draw

In addition to his controversial reaction after seeing Mexico as rival, the goalkeeper spoke with an Argentine media where he gave his impression of what will be the next worldensuring that they are eager for it to start and that “no rival is bad” there.

“There comes a time when you no longer know if a rival is good or bad. I got more nervous than in a match… We discussed it after the draw with the boys. Everybody is happy with the groupIt’s nice to think about what’s to come. As in all tournaments, we are going to go game by game”, he stated.

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