After the presidency, states have to undergo a mandate revocation exercise: Ramírez Cuellar – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Within the framework of the revocation of the mandate, the former president of the National Executive Committee of Morena, Alfonso Ramírez Cuellar, expressed that everything necessary must be done for this exercise to be successful, not only because the constitution mandates it, but because after that it be applied in the presidency of the republic, in 2024 it has to be applied in the states.

Ramírez Cuéllar explained that state administrations must submit to an exercise of this nature because the constitution provides the right to elect rulers, but also to remove rulers.

“I believe that we should all take care that this process comes out clean and is an example of a solution to all deficiencies,” he added.

He explained that obviously there will be errors and deficiencies in this exercise, but it will help improve the conduct of governments, both at the federal and state levels.

In Mexico City there is a good atmosphere, however the intensity varies in other states, but I think that if we are going to greatly exceed the participation compared to the exercise that was carried out for the former presidents, Ramírez Cuellar concluded.

It is worth mentioning that this process has had controversy, conflicting opinions at all levels of politics and even controversies in the electoral courts.

One week after the mandate revocation consultation, the Complaints and Complaints Commission of the National Electoral Institute (INE) ordered the withdrawal of promotional advertisements in favor of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) in 30 entities.

The INE pointed out that, due to the electoral ban, said advertisements published on billboards and fences violate the principles of legality, certainty and the fundamental right to a free and informed vote.

These measures were determined by the Commission in the midst of the mandate revocation process that will take place next Sunday, April 10.

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