What is the best evaluated car brand in satisfaction in Mexico?

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On 2021 were sold in Mexico one million 14 thousand 680 Light vehicleswhich meant an increase of 6.8 percent compared to the previous year, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (inegi).

According to the study of Sales Customer Satisfaction of the consultant JD Power, the brand, in the volume segment, which had greater satisfaction in the Mexican consumerswas the American Jeep.

In second place was the Japanese firm Honda, followed by the American Dodge and the Japanese Mazda and suzuki.

For the luxury vehicle segment, the American GMC topped the list, followed by Germany’s BMW and MINI.

With 27 percent of the total, the delivery process is the most relevant factor for Mexican consumers, followed by the staff of automotive dealers with 25 percent.

The facilities where the purchase process is carried out ranked third with 16 percentcontinued with 13 percent the negotiation, with 12 percent the paperwork necessary for the transaction and 7 percent the brand website.

The factors to consider are different between genders. Women consider in the first place the experience with the brand or model of the vehicle, followed by fuel economy, the image the unit represents, its safety and, subsequently, its performance.

For men, the most important point is in the performancefollowed by the image the vehicle represents, experience with the make or model, fuel economy, and safety.

Best evaluated brands in the volume segment

  • 1- Jeep
  • 2.- Honda
  • 3.- Dodge
  • 4.- Mazda
  • 5.- suzuki
  • 6. Toyota
  • 7.- Chevy
  • 8.-Hyundai
  • 9.- SEAT
  • 10. Volkswagen
  • eleven.- Kia
  • 12. Nissan
  • 13.- Ford
  • 14. Renault

Best evaluated brands in the luxury segment

  • 1.- GMC
  • 2.-BMW
  • 3.- MINI
  • 4. Audi



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