Gerardo Martino’s Tri leaves doubts ahead of Qatar 2022

ESPN specialists give their opinion of the Mexican National Team’s path to the World Cup

The Mexican team got his ticket to the World Cup Qatar 2022 after defeating El Salvador in the last Concacaf Octagonal Final match and ESPN specialists had different opinions regarding expectations and the balance tipped in that of the latest editions of the Trithe current one is the one that leaves the most doubts towards the fair of the world.


“I would say that this is the team that leaves the most doubts before a world. I remember that Lapuente’s, before ’98, had also had poor results, but I think it was a team with more personality, with more leadership, with better players in general terms. It was more of a team and had a man like Cuauhtémoc Blanco who does not even remotely have this selection. That personality and leadership of a García Aspe, a Campos, a Suárez, a Luis Hernández, a Peláez…”.

“I don’t see players of that cut in this current team. I see competitive players, some of whom are in Europe, but I don’t see a team with enough personality, or with enough football development, or with enough game volume, nor with enough forcefulness to think that he can play a great role in the next Championship world“.


“The selection of Gerardo Martino It is the one that has left the most doubts. I think that the one from Brazil even before qualifying left a lot of doubts because she had to go to the playoffs, but in the end she did a good job world… It is already classified, but if you take into account that there are 11 ‘Europeans’ and that they are going to be released a good week before the start of the worldaccording to FIFA, because until then it can be said that they will not have time to train at 22 or 27″.

“Once the 11 are here, we are going to assume that Corona, Lozano, Arteaga, I don’t know, the most important ones, are going to be in a good moment, but they are going to come here to do different functions and then, cow be ‘bread with the same”.

“Of course it’s his fault. Martino, because he doesn’t want to leave, or doesn’t want to change what the players show on their teams. He leads them by what they’re doing on their computers, but they get to the Mexican team and gets them to do something different. In other words, it does not combine what Herrera does at Atlético de Madrid, with what Corona does at Sevilla, for example. I don’t doubt that they can do that task, what I can assure you is that they don’t have the time to grasp that idea.”

“I absolutely do not like this selection, I do not like that it does not transmit anything, because transmitting goes beyond the result. I do not like that people are increasingly moving away, that there are more and more criticisms and that opinions are loaded with one side. What’s more, I don’t like the little business that those in charge of the national team are going to do and that everything sports is almost lost, not so the commercial and like Mr. Martino generally don’t like it, then the product’s packaging is not in good condition”.


“In general, the numerical balance is very good and ends up tipping the scales in favor of the ‘Tata’ Martinobecause it was said a lot that by operation the Mexican team he wasn’t making any headway, but he amply hit the target with a good lead.”

“The one that left the most doubts was that of José Manuel ‘Chepo’ De la Torre, who did not finish his work. In that one an emerging one was Miguel Herrera, there were four projects in the same period to rescue the ship that was sinking and already against New Zealand qualified relatively easily in the matches and then they did a good job and a good World Cup despite the fact that there was not as much time as now.The team that had the worst performance in the tie was that of ‘Chepo’.

“It’s better not to think about whether it’s going to be a weak group, a strong group, or the death group, which has already played and usually in Mexico he grows in that competition and raises his level, but more than thinking about that, I think it’s more important to think about the functioning of the team so that it improves and finds the right men for the competition, because there are still many positions to be resolved”.

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