This is how the pots were for the Qatar 2022 draw

The draw for the group stage of Qatar 2022 will take place next friday april 1and you can enjoy it on the screens of Aztec 7. Little by little the pots are being defined, since so far 29 selected teams have qualified.

The Mexican team got his pass world Cup in the last game, after defeating The Savior on the field of Aztec stadium and even with the defeat of United Statesfinished in second place in the Octagonal End.

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The pots for the Qatar 2022 draw

The arrangement of the Selections for the Qatar World Cup 2022, goes according to the position of each of those classified in the FIFA ranking. This is also how the top seeds were announced.

qatar, Belgium, Brazil, France, Argentina, England, Spain and Portugal.

Pot 2 for Qatar 2022

Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and Uruguay, Mexico and United States.


Qatar 2022 Pot 3

Iran, Japan, Serbian, South Korea, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal and Poland.

Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Canada and Cameroon. The winner of the repechage of CONCACAF vs Oceaniawhich will be between Costa Rica and New Zealandalso winner of the playoff between CONMEBOL and Asiawhich will be Peru against the winner of the clash between United Arab Emirates and Australiaalong with the winner of the Welsh or Scotland / Ukraine.

The only team that already has its safe group for the draw of qatar, is the host team. They will be the leaders of Group A as it happens in each world Cup with the host country. The rest will come out randomly and it will be there when we know the future of the Mexican team.

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