Fortnite returns to the top of Twitch after removing the construction

If you have been following Twitch and the realm of data and statistics for years, you will know that Fortnite has been one of the most watched games in history and has always been among the most popular categories.

However, in recent times Fortnite has dropped a bit, his players began to like him less and many decided to abandon it once they had tried the new seasons that were coming out, tired in part of the few surprising novelties that Epic used to do.

However, if there is a game that can be completely renewed and once again shake the landscape of the world streaming it’s fortnite. The battle royale most popular in history and flagship of Epic has done it again: has returned to the Olympus of Twitch renouncing the essence of the game itself.

Fortnite Zero Construction

One of Epic’s most important steps with Fortnite has been remove build mode completely for a week to, after two days, establish it as a fixed mode that can be enjoyed at any time.

This has caused Ibai, Knekro, Xokas, Rubius, Illo Juan and many others streamers give Fortnite a cane again, a game that, without constructions or workers involved, is much more accessible to everyone.

In trends it is already seen that the big ones have looked at Fortnite to create content, but we also see it in pure and hard data; Fortnite is the game that has won the most hours viewed compared to the beginning of the month: a difference of 18 million hours viewed.

In addition, it is the most broadcast game in the last two weeks, with a total of almost 2 million hours streamed in the category, peaks of 700,000 viewers and half a million content creators giving Fortnite.

Also, after the success of Elden Ring or the growth of VALORANT, Fortnite has returned to the top 5 of Twitch with 43 million hours of viewing, still far from LoL (65 million in the last two weeks) or VALORANT (51 million).

Be that as it may, Fortnite is back and, although many are still critical of the game, the trend is clear: people wanted to put aside the constructions and shoot themselvessomething simple, fast and effective.


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