Julio César Chávez dedicates an emotional video to Ochoa; William claims him

The César of boxing surrendered to the experienced goalkeeper of the Eagles and on social networks he filled him with praise.

The Grand Champion of Mexico congratulated Memo Ochoa
© picture 7The Grand Champion of Mexico congratulated Memo Ochoa

William Ochoa and Julio Cesar Chavez They stirred up the networks, this after the former boxer dedicated a video the goalkeeper of the Mexican National Team and Club America. This recording took everyone by surprise, but it surely came in handy for Memo in these moments of tension.

Through his official Twitter account, the Grand Champion showed his followers the new Paco Memo perfumewhich recently went on sale and was given to him by the goalkeeper himself.

My dear Memo Ochoa, late but sure. Unfortunately I was away on a trip, but I’ve been hearing about your new perfume ‘YoSoy8A’, blessings. The truth, with all due respect, as we say, but it smells good ching*n eh, I recommend it“, were the words of congratulations from Julius Caesar to William.

Ochoa corrects Julio Cesar Chavez

Before we all calmly watched the video, the Caesar had to download a previous post, where he tried to thank Paco Memo for the detail, only he was wrong when he stole the azulcrema goalkeeper’s account. The good thing is that the footballer took the mistake in a good way.

The video came at an ideal moment for Guillermo Ochoa, since is about to play the last game of the Concacaf Qualifiers, against El Salvadorwhere adding is vital to secure the pass to the 2022 World Cup.

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