Discomfort with the Louse in the National Team; “The plan must continue with Gerardo Martino”

Gerardo Martino is firm on the bench of the Mexican National Team and will continue to do so if the ticket to the next World Cup is won, which will be played in Qatar

The plan must continue… And the plan has a name, surname and mission: Gerardo Martino on the World Cup in Qatar 2022. In the midst of the voices that disapprove of the continuity of the Argentine coach, within the Mexican team the idea is firm: They must continue advancing, because now there are no changes planned.

It is known that in the midst of criticism there are voices seeking the removal of the South American strategist from the team Tricolorbut it is ratified that for the time being the original project will not be modified, although the voices in the Mexican media seek the change, due to the pale performances of the national team in the tie against Qatar 2022.

The eve, Johns Sutcliffeanalyst of ESPN assured that after the Octagonal there would be a possible meeting of owners to decide through a vote the continuity of the Tata Martino. ESPNDigital looked for louis yon holder of the FMF, who in a laconic way was concise and for a matter of time did not grant more questions, since he said that he does not know that there will be a meeting of owners soon. He offered an apology for not answering further questions, as he claimed to be in a meeting.


The words of Miguel Herrera, who assured that if Tata Martino is not one hundred percent should be set aside, they fell like a bomb within the team. Firstly, it was surprising that the Tigres coach spoke about a colleague of his and secondly, he has to ask first and then give an opinion on how things really are before issuing a point of view.

A couple of voices inside confirmed that they know what is stated in the media opens the idea of ​​presumably removing Martino, but the disqualification of said versions is immediate. “Excuse me, but it’s always the same… The press says weird things.”

The only certainty is that the coaching staff is clear that Mexico so far has had no problems and is rated 90 percent to qatar which is one of the objectives that was requested. The rest simply understand that it is part of soccer, but the idea is that Mexico transcends in the next World Cup.

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