Today’s Matches: Honduras vs. Mexico, live the Concacaf Qualifying match heading to Qatar 2022

Min 67 | HON 0-0 MEX | Double change of the Mexican team. come out Jess Corona and Carlos Rodriguez; Diego Lainez and Uriel Antuna enter.

Min 65 | HON 0-0 MEX |Gerardo Arteaga he earns the yellow card for a midfield foul on Bryan Acosta.

Min 62 | HON 0-0 MEX | A series of touches in the Honduran area culminates with a shot from Edson Alvarez, ball that goes slightly deviated from the right angle of López.

Rocky the duel that Mexico has suffered in San Pedro Sula

With today’s 4-0 win over Jamaica, the canada team confirm your direct qualification to Qatar 2022.

Min 50 | HON 0-0 MEX | Now it is Tecatito Corona who, with a couple of cuts in the Hodurea area, manages to get a shot. The shot goes over Buba López’s goal.

Min 48 | HON 0-0 MEX | Honduras reacts, with a counterattack play and shoe by Kevin López, which is rejected by Guillermo Ochoa. The play is annulled ?for out of place.

Min 47 | HON 0-0 MEX | The first of danger appears in the complementary for Mexico. A couple of crecortes to the center on the right side gives space to Hctor Herrera to take a shot at goal. The shipment goes above the goal

minute 45 | HON 0-0 MEX |The complementary part between Honduras and Mexico begins, in the Concacaf World Cup qualifiers.

Min 46 | HON 0-0 MEX | We’re going to dressing rooms!!!

Honduras, without much effort, goes to the locker room with a goalless tie on the scoreboard. The Mexican team, little or nothing in San Pedro Sula.

minute 45 | HON 0-0 MEX | One minute added

minute 45 | HON 0-0 MEX | Jimnez receives from the chest a center down the left wing from Carlos Rodríguez, trying to leave the ball to a teammate, but he can’t find someone to finish off the ball.

minute 40 | HON 0-0 MEX | poor shot of Tecatito Corona in the area. It accommodates the body, but its auction is deficient. On the counterattack, the ball crashes into the defense.

minute 35 | HON 0-0 MEX | Mexico manages to press in the Honduran area and culminate a great play in association. A rejected shot by Ral Jimnez is left to Hctor Herrera, who takes a shot that goes over the catracha goal.

Min 28 | HON 0-0 MEX |Hector Herrera stops the off-hook that was trying with a sweep Christian Javier Sacaza, what makes him a creditor to the yellow card.

minute 25 | HON 0-0 MEX | Without doing a good job on defense, Honduras manages to stop the advances of the Tri, that has no concrete arrivals to portara.

Min 18 | HON 0-0 MEX |ral lopez was trying to generate danger by penetrating the area with a great driving, The play manages to be discarded thanks to a good intervention by Johan Vasquez.

Min 14 | HON 0-0 MEX | Honduras responds on behalf of Kevin Lopez, who after part of cuts by the left band enters the area and takes a shot, which goes well above the goal of William Ochoa.

Min 11 | HON 0-0 MEX | The first shot of the game appears, courtesy of the Mexican team. It is Jess Corona who takes a first shot, but the ball goes to the side of the left post of goalkeeper Luis López.

Min 6 | HON 0-0 MEX |Kervin Arriaga he becomes the first cautioned of the game, after committing a foul in midfield on Jess Corona.

Min 5 | HON 0-0 MEX | Although there are still no arrivals at the goalkeepers, the Honduran team generates a lot of pressure on the rival, preventing control in midfield

min 0 | HON 0-0 MEX | hostilities begin between Honduras and Mexico, in the penultimate match of the Octagonal Final of the Concacaf, heading to Qatar 2022.

The formal ceremony begins, with the intonation of the Mexican national anthem and the Honduran anthem.

The mexican team goes out onto the field of play with the following elements. Let’s remember that George Theiler be in charge of the Tri, in the absence of Gerard Martin, who did not make the trip for health reasons.

El Tri is already getting ready at the stadium for the duel against the catrachos…

next meetings

If the victory is not obtained this Sunday in San Pedro Sula, the Mexican team will seek the pass to Qatar 2022 receiving in the Azteca stadium its similar from El Salvador.

For its part, Honduras will close its participation in the Octagonal Final visiting Jamaica.

Hernn Gomez He sends a star team in search of ruining El Tri’s classification.

The Metropolitan Olympic, that this day they will not have fans to support the ‘H’ in their duel against El Tri.

Previous results

So much Mexico as Honduras they come from reaping ties in their previous game

The Tri did not pass the goalless draw against the United States on the field of the Azteca stadium.

For its part, the catracho team arrives after steal a point at the Rommel Fernndez from the Panam squad, after the final 1-1.

This is how the Mexican team arrived at the Metropolitan

Mexico will play this afternoon dressed in white

This Sunday the Tricolor team will jump onto the Metropolitan field all dressed in white. This is what Mexico’s dressing room looks like prior to the commitment where you can have your pass to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The results of the penultimate day until now in the Octagonal

  • Canada 4-0 Jamaica
  • El Salvador 1-2 Costa Rica
  • United States vs. Panama | in a few moments
  • Honduras vs. Mexico | in a few moments

How did we do against Honduras in qualifying matches?

With a balance in favor, these are the parties that Mexico and Honduras the faces have been seen in World Cup qualifying matches.

Honduras vs M

This is how the Concacaf Octagonal position table goes

  1. Canada | 28 points
  2. United States | 22 points
  3. Mexico | 22 points
  4. Costa Rican | 19 points
  5. Panama | 18 points
  6. El Salvador | 10 points
  7. Jamaican | 8 points
  8. Honduras | 4 points

How do both teams get to this afternoon’s game?

The Mexican team comes from a goalless draw against the United States at the Azteca Stadium, a result that left them very close to Qatar 2022. For their part, the catrachos tied away from home against Panam and put them between the ropes to acquire their ticket.


friends and friends of CLEAR BRAND welcome to the passion of football, This Sunday the Mexican team visits San Pedro Sula to face Honduras at the Metropolitan Stadium, This corresponds to the Concacaf Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, a scenario where the Tricolor could get their ticket for the fair that will begin in November. Vital match for the Aztec team!

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