The forbidden scream appears in the Azteca stadium, during Mexico against the United States

The duel between Mexico and the United States was the scene of the hateful cry that bothers FIFA and Mexican soccer authorities so much

The discriminatory cry was heard in the stands of the Aztec stadium during the duel between Mexico and United Statescorresponding to the eliminatory Concacaf heading to the World Cup Qatar 2022.

The scream forbidden by FIFA showed up at the Aztec stadium in the last minutes of the commitment between Mexicans and Americans, which ended zero to zero.

During the week, fans of MX League They had threatened the Mexican Soccer Federation with putting into practice the homophobic cry, after the punishments that were imposed on the Roosters of Queretarofor the incidents that occurred in the Corregidora stadium.

The threat of the fans became a trend in social networks, where those who attended the stadium were invited to put into practice the cry, which is persecuted by the FIFA and has caused games without an audience for the Tricolor.

In the game between Mexico and United States the homophobic cry was heard, most without receiving a warning or being expelled from the building.

The homophobic shout is prohibited by the FIFA and has become an expression that appears to demonstrate against the Mexican Soccer Federation.

The sanctions against Roosters of Queretarodue to the brawl that caused 26 injuries, caused disgust among the fans of the MX Leaguesince they expected it to be more drastic against the team that plays in the Corregidora Stadium.

In the first half, the public had an exemplary behavior, but in the complement the homophobic cry was heard.

Mexico has struggled with the cry, since it has also been heard in games of the CONCACAF Champions League, MX Leaguepre-Olympic and in previous tournaments, despite the campaigns that the Tricolor team has made

Authorities reported that those who shouted would be removed from the stadium and could face a punishment of up to five years without attending a S game.mexican electionWell, that’s what he revealed. louis yonpresident of the FMF to ESPN.

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