Plaque unveiled in honor of the first woman to graduate from the School of Medicine – El Heraldo de Juárez

The Municipality of Juárez unveiled a plaque in the Rotunda to Illustrious Women, in honor of Dr. María Adriana Saucedo García, who was the only woman to graduate in the first generation of the School of Medicine.

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The ceremony took place in the Rotunda located on the Juan Gabriel and Sanders street, a place where there are plaques of other women who have stood out for their work for the benefit of the Juarez community.

The president of the municipality’s System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family (DIF), Rubí Enríquez, congratulated the winner of the 2022 Illustrious Woman Award for her extensive journey on the subject of health, and for being a manager and volunteer in support to the shelters for girls and boys in this locality.

The coordinator of advisors of the Municipal Government, Daniela González Lara, reported that in the ordinary session number 12, the City Council approved the placement of a plaque in the Rotunda with the name of Dr. Saucedo García, for her legacy as a pioneer of health in Ciudad Juárez, for which she was designated Illustrious Woman 2022.

The honoree expressed during her speech that she was happy to receive the tribute, as she pointed out that the service she has provided to the people of Juarez are values ​​that she carries from her home, where her parents instilled in her that she should help others as well.

“The city has given me the opportunity to see the birth of my university, because there was a small brick under some illustrious women who saw fit to bring higher education with the women’s university. I was in college as a student and came back as a teacher, and it allowed me to do what they are honoring me for now,” she said.

“Once a person told me that Juárez is an ugly and short city because there were no buildings, and I said ugly depending on how you want to see it, but not short, why do we want big buildings if the greatness of Juárez is in the beautiful people who are there? here?” the doctor pointed out.

The councilor and coordinator of the Commission for Women and Gender Equity in the Cabildo, Martha Patricia Mendoza Rodríguez, pointed out that the councilors are proud to have ruled favorably so that Dr. Saucedo was the Illustrious Woman, since her support has been for women , men and children, for which he thanked him for leaving a great legacy in Juárez.

On the part of the Council for Illustrious Women, they indicated that in coordination with the Association Let’s Go United for Juárez they contributed to make this possible, because they looked for a space to honor those valuable women of the community, and on this occasion they distinguish a woman who He had a vision and dream that thanks to his effort and dedication he was able to achieve.

The members of both associations awarded recognition to the honoree for being chosen as Illustrious Woman 2022.

Officials were also present at the ceremony, as well as aldermen and aldermen from the Juárez City Council, as well as family and friends of the honoree.

Dr. María Adriana Saucedo García was the only woman in the first generation of the School of Medicine, which started the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez (UACJ), and was also a tireless promoter to create spaces, attract teachers, and obtain resources to found the Medicine career, and therefore the university.

She also founded the School of Nursing of the General Hospital of Ciudad Juárez, was a professor of the Physician-Surgeon course at the UACJ and deputy director of the General Hospital of Ciudad Juárez. Within the university she held positions in the General Secretariat, the Directorate of Educational Extension and Social Service and the General Directorate of Sports.

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