Peso ‘smiles’ against the dollar despite deadlock in war negotiations in Ukraine – El Financiero

The peso appreciated moderately against the US currency despite the fact that the talks between the diplomats between Russia and Ukraine they did not have significant advances, without defining a clear scenario, for which several emerging currencies return to their negative trend after yesterday’s correction.

According to data from the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), the Mexican currency appreciated marginally 0.07 percent, with which the exchange rate was quoted at 20.9527 units per dollar.

The peso touched a minimum of 20.8853 and a maximum of 21.0648 pesos per dollar during the day.

“The pressure on the exchange rate comes from the external sector in the face of persistent geopolitical tensions,” Vector analysts said.

They added that the data united states inflation for the month of February it was in line with what was anticipated by the market, while the initial applications for unemployment benefits last week were higher than expected and higher than those observed last week.

On bank windowthe dollar is sold at 21.48 units, according to data from Citibanamex.

The Bloomberg dollar index, which measures the strength of the greenback against a basket of 10 currencies, rose 0.35 percent to 1,197.90 points.

For the dollar index (DXY), a growth of 0.55 percent was recorded to settle at 98,487 points.

“The euro, after starting with losses, shows an appreciation after, in its monetary policy announcement, the European Central Bank (ECB) adopted a less flexible language. Noting that they will accelerate the pace of reduction of the bond purchase program, which could conclude in the third quarter of this year,” he said. Gabriela Siller, director of economic analysis at Banco Base.

The main currencies that depreciate against the dollar They are the Colombian peso, with 2.01 percent; the Hungarian forint, with 1.44 percent; the Turkish lira, with 1.28 percent; the Polish zloty, with 1.02 percent; the Icelandic krona, with 0.94 percent; the euro, with 0.82 percent and the Czech crown, with 0.55 percent.

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