Orvañanos and the reason why Ochoa called Chuy Corona in full broadcast

Raúl Orvañanos confused Jesús Corona with Guillermo Ochoa
Raúl Orvañanos confused Jesús Corona with Guillermo Ochoa

Cruz Azul faced Montreal for the Concachampions quarterfinals, in the first leg played at the Azteca stadium. Within the match, beyond the fact that the Machine took the advantage, the one who caused a trend in networks was Raúl Orvañanos, who called Jesús Corona in full transmission.

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The commentator inadvertently made the mistake by confusing the goalkeepers causing anger in some, surprises in a few others and more than one speculated the reasons why Raúl Orvañanos changed the names of the Mexican goalkeepers.

According to Infobae, when the journalist was consulted about his multiple errors in changing the name of various elements, Orvañanos would have his justification while working for Televisa, a network where he was one of the strong journalists along with Enrique Bermúdez.

Why did Orvañanos call Chuy Corona Guillermo Ochoa?

For several years, the commentator recounted games for America at the Azteca stadium where he saw the Mexican Guillermo Ochoa on the porch, hence he would have been confused when naming Ochoa when in reality the one who was on the field was Chuy Corona.

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