Zverev, on probation for a year after his attack on a judge in Acapulco

ANDhe reigning Olympic champion alexander zverev you will have to go through a trial period of one year for repeatedly hitting the referee’s chair violently with the racket after losing a doubles match at the Mexican Open, announced the ATP.

If Zverev commits an offense which entails a fine for Unsportsmanlike conduct or by “physical or verbal assault on an official, rival, spectator or any other person on the pitch or in the grounds”, be suspended from ATP tournaments for eight weeks and receive an additional fine of $25,000, indicated the men’s tennis circuit on Monday night.

Zverev, who is third in the rankings and was a finalist at the 2020 US Open, You have until Friday to appeal Miro Bratoev’s decision, ATP Vice President for Rules and Competition.

Bratoev conducted an investigation into what happened last month in Acapulco, and concluded that Zverev committed what is known as aggravated behavior per the Serious Offenses section of the ATP Rules.

sanction zverev

Alexander Zverev being under the microscope

The ATP established the decision as a fine and one suspension imposed on Zverev but “suspended” unless His behavior warrants sanctions. The period of trial ends on February 22, 2023, one year after the incident in Acapulco.

The 24-year-old German tennis player, who defended the singles title at the Mexican Open, he was expelled from the tournament for yelling and cursing at the referee Alessandro Germani and hitting the chair violently on at least four occasions.

Just before Zverev and his partner Marcelo Melo lost his doubles match against Lloyd Glasspool and Harri Heliovaara, Germani warned Zverev for scream and curse when discussing an opponent’s move that was considered valid. That led to a match point. And once the match is over, Zverev hit the referee’s chair.

In his first competition after the event, Zverev won two singles matches as Germany defeated Brazil in the Davis Cup this weekend.

Zverev has already been fined $40,000 and lost more than $30,000 in prize money, as well as all the points for the classification that he won in Acapulco. The ATP said at the time that two fines of $20,000 each had been imposed for insults and unsportsmanlike conduct, the maximum immediate penalty for each offence.

The ATP opened in October a investigation into domestic violence following accusations by Zverev’s ex-girlfriend.


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