Healthy women represent healthy companies

“Our way of working is not working, neither for employees nor for employers,” Ryan said. “The health of individuals has an impact on the organization, and the health of the organization has an impact on individuals. We have to change the symbiosis between employees and their workplace”.

How to improve work spaces for women?

Ryan explained that to achieve greater productivity, companies have to focus on the physical, mental and spiritual health of their employees.

“It is not the same people who left before the pandemic as those who returned. Now there is a lot of trauma, with a special emphasis on women. Companies have to focus on this.”

For this, he suggested five recommendations to make workplaces healthier spaces for women:

  1. Increased commitments by organizational leaders:

    Instead of seeing them as antagonistic characters, Ryan recommends that leaders become role models. and, indeed, preach the values ​​of their companies. If women feel comfortable with their leaders, there is greater communication and, therefore, better results.

  2. Organizational culture:

    This has to be in accordance with the values ​​and ideas of its employees.

  3. Policies and practices focused on women:

    Facilities such as parental leave; effective policies for the prevention and punishment of bullying and harassment behaviors; implement lactation rooms; contemplating situations such as menopause and female treatments are some examples.

  4. Other ways to work:

    Work flexibilities should vary from individual to individual because not everyone has the same needs or circumstances. In addition, it also suggests learning from the pandemic and continuing to implement more options for work, for example, leaving the option of telecommuting if certain women consider it more favorable for their situation.

  5. Training programs and support networks:

    promote support networks for women in work spaces; more mentors; encouraging the growth of labor networks are some options that she mentioned.

Ryan mentioned that there are no “salutogenic” or “pathogenic” companies; but salutogenic factors and pathogenic factors. The goal is to collect data and analyze how to reduce pathogenic factors and increase salutogenic ones.

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