They deny bail to Caín Velásquez, but they did give the abuser

California, USA /

Was Caín Velásquez’s request deniedthrough their lawyers, to obtain the bail to face trial ahead of his involvement in a California chase in which he is accused of shooting a person while driving a vehicle.

The former UFC champion, therefore, will remain locked up in Santa Clara Countyin the United States, with ten charges against him, including that of assassination attempt against whom it is said sexually abused a close relative of Velásquez, whose last fight in the octagon dates from 2019.

According to the reports of the judge in charge of the case, the former wrestler in AAA and WWE was “reckless” in chasing abuser through Santa Clara County and opening fire on his carreason why it determined that the seriousness of the accusations prevent him from being released on bail and will be in court again on April 12.

The abuser pursued by Cain did get bail

the news network Fox Los Angeles mentioned that Cain’s defense attorney, Mark Geragos, disagreed with the judge’s decision and said it was “ridiculous” that the abuser, Harry Goularte, was released on bailwhile your client remains locked up.

“The idea that the district attorney would taint the jury pool shows that our criminal justice system is broken. Is there anyone who would tell a parent that this is not what you should do?“, commented the lawyer in an interview for the media.

What are the charges against Cain Velasquez?

The Mexican-American was charged with ten charges, which include attempted murder in the first degree, as well as multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon and shooting at an occupied motor vehicle, among others; so if convicted, Cain faces decades in prison, details the portal TMZ.

the police found in Velásquez’s car a 40-caliber semi-automatic pistolas well as two 10-round magazines, and noted that a total of 8 bullets were missing from the magazines.

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