Is the representation of Marcelo Flores with the Mexican National Team in danger? His father’s tweet after the Querétaro tragedy

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Marcelo Flores has the clear intention of playing with the Mexican National Team, but…

Marcelo Flores' father's tweet that worries the National Team
© Getty ImagesMarcelo Flores’ father’s tweet that worries the National Team

The queretaro tragedy, as they call it, transcended borders and reached the eyes of the whole world. The confrontation between “fans” of Gallos and Atlas in the Corregidora Stadium It represents one of the saddest and most unfortunate episodes in the history of Mexican soccer, which is why it has hit rock bottom. Just enough to see the outrage that exists in different countries about what happened: No one can understand how a sports event turned into a pitched battle without security.

This not only affects Liga MX itself, but It could also directly harm the Mexican National Team. In addition to rumors about a Possible exclusion from the Qatar 2022 World Cup (just like FIFA did with Russia) and removes it from the organization of the 2026 World Cup, now came a new concern. Is about Marcelo Floresthe 18-year-old jewel who plays for Arsenal in England but has the clear intention of wearing the colors of El Tri.

Reubenhis dadexpressed himself on social networks about what happened in La Corregidora and questioned this situation. “I would never take my children (Marcelo, Tatiana and Silvana) to a league where they kill their fans. You have to act quickly, it’s sad to attack something wonderful”, he pointed out forcefully. Of course, this tweet did not go unnoticed at all.

Although it is difficult to imagine Flores in Liga MX knowing his enormous European potential, users took him for the side of Mexican soccer itself. It should be remembered that the midfielder has not yet confirmed a National Team: he can still choose Mexico, Canada or England.

This is because the regulation of FIFA Statutes indicates that the player will be able to change federation “As long as he has not played a World Cup match, a confederation tournament or has not yet played a duel with the previous team with more than 21 years of age”. And Marcelo Flores has only played 8 minutes with El Tri: it was in a friendly against Chile in December 2021. Will he change his mind after the Querétaro tragedy or will he remain faithful to Aztec football?

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