Club León: “El Kártel” from Juárez kidnapped and ransom barristas from “Los de Arriba”

They report that fans of Club León were beaten and humiliated by members of “El Kartel”, a supporter of the Bravos de Ciudad Juárez.

According to the testimony of the brother of one of those affected and a TUDN reporter, prior to last week’s game in Chihuahua, the Ciudad Juárez barristas deprived two of the Lion’s supporters of their liberty and even collected a reward in kind for release them.

Those affected would be “El Nokia” and “El Rastas”, famous barristas del León and those who travel to most of the Fiera games in Liga MX.

In the hands of the “Kartel” of Juarez

On Twitter, Antonio Nieto, a reporter for TUDN, narrated that on March 4, the emerald barristas known as “El Nokia” and “El Rastas” were captured by the local bar hours before the game.

“The Leonese were beaten, they stole EVERYTHING, they stripped naked and exhibited. All because of quarrels between the bars. They cut his hair and humiliated the ‘Dreadlocks’”.

Antonio Nieto points out that the León fans were released in exchange for sending them flags, “rags” and other León merchandise, considered “loot” for the rival bars.

“Those from the ‘Kartel’ demanded money and rags (sic) to free them. And so it happened. Those of the ‘Kartel’ presumed a crime that has up to 90 years in prison. Those from León returned home as best they could.”

In networks, “El Kártel” showed off a photo with the obtained merchandise and with an alleged fan of the Lion completely naked and beaten.

Hours after the event, the León fans themselves published another note in which “El Nokia” is seen with a blow and “Dreadlocks” with his hair cut.

‘They found them out,’ narrates the brother of one of the Verdiblancos

The Milenio newspaper expanded the information with the testimony of a brother of one of the emerald barristas, who said that it all started when the León fans decided to go to the border to eat and when they finished, they walked between some streets.

“I can tell you that they went through the photograph where Juan Gabriel is, because they were from the photos that my brother uploaded in the family group, and from there they no longer have contact with him. For a while he can communicate with my sister-in-law and tells her that the first thing was that they were robbed and their things were taken, they beat him, but he managed to run and it was the way in which he was able to protect his phone and his wallet.

Three other barristas were captured by the rival club, according to the testimony of the brother, who also traveled.


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