Julio César Chávez is being manipulated by his wife: Omar Chávez

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The family of Julio Cesar Chavez is immersed in a difficult moment, because Junior is hospitalized in an addiction rehabilitation clinic, as revealed a few days ago The Great Mexican Champion; however, in the last hours, his other offspring, Omar Chavezappeared on their social networks to give your version of what is happening in your familyiliar.

Omar ChavezWho else entered the world of boxingrecognized that are going through a “delicate and painful” momentbut he said that it is time to explain what is happening since his father is being manipulated by his current partner.

I am dissatisfied with the situation that has been unleashed with the rumors about the relationship between my dad, Julio César Chávez and me. My annoyance with my dad is because his wife Miriam takes care of her things and she throws us to the groundis by my dad’s side just to block us, get us in bad with him.

It is by your side telling your ears what we publish on networks, what we do wrong, is always aware of the bad. And to this day he achieved his goal. It makes me sad to see that his wife talks bad about usI would have liked to realize that when she made us feel loved and supported,” he explained. omar in your account Instagram.

He waits for his dad to react

Omar Chavez He pointed out that his father’s current partner is taking care of his tranquility and that of his family, situation that expects his father to reply with his children like him and julito.

“It gives me joy because every family takes care of what is theirs and she takes care of her people. And I expect the same from my dad, that he takes care of us because at the end of everything my father will always be my father and I will love him“, he finished.

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