Goals and summary of Monterrey 2-1 América in Clausura 2022 of Liga MX | 03/06/2022

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Thank you for following this game with us!

Thank you for joining us on the broadcast of the match Rayados de Monterrey 2-1 Eagles of Americawe are waiting for you at VAVEL for more broadcasts.

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upcoming games

The Monterrey team will continue on its way when it receives Juarez on Tuesday night, while America will travel to Guadalajara for one more broadcast of the national classic against Chivas.

21:07 16 hours ago

End of the game

The match ends, victory of Rayados by 2 to 1.

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6 more minutes are added to the match.

20:56 16 hours ago


America fails to open Rayados’ defensive wall and the match continues in the same vein.

20:47 16 hours ago


Monterrey well stopped behind and seeks to close the game on the counterattack. America fails to tie the score.

20:39 16 hours ago


América putting its best weapons with the entry of Roger Martínez, the first time we see the Eagles’ offensive trident with Henry Martín, Federico Viñas and Roger Martínez.

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20:32 16 hours ago


Los Rayados were totally behind due to the pressure that Americo puts on. Change of Monterrey, César Monter left with discomfort and Héctor Moreno entered.

20:25 16 hours ago


The Eagles take the ball looking to respond and return to the game.

20:23 16 hours ago


Monterrey dominated from the beginning of the second half and it was the second that counted for Funes Mori.

20:21 16 hours ago


GGGGGOOOOOLLLLL!!! Now yes, Rogelio Funes Morí marks the second for the Rayados. Great shot inside the area after Pizarro’s assistance.

20:18 16 hours ago


Rogelio Funes Morí’s goal disallowed for offside.

20:16 16 hours ago

Four. Five’

Start the second half. Yellow card for Esteban Andrada for marking the pitch.

20:14 16 hours ago

America’s goal!

19:58 17 hours ago


The first half ends, tied at 1 at BBVA.

19:54 17 hours ago

Four. Five’

Yellow card for Luis Romo.

19:53 17 hours ago

Four. Five’

6 minutes are added.

19:51 17 hours ago


Yellow card for Jordan Silva for handball in the goal kick.

19:49 17 hours ago


America’s joy didn’t last long, Rayados responded in the following offensive, the score is evenly matched for this duel.

19:46 17 hours ago


GGGGGGGOOOOOOLLLLL!!! Joel Campbell pushes a ball after Memo Ochoa’s great save.

19:44 17 hours ago


The VAR confirms the Goal. The Eagles go up on the scoreboard.

19:41 17 hours ago


GGGGGOOOOLLLLL!!!! Álvaro Fidalgo’s header and he scores the first of the game. The VAR is reviewing the play.

19:39 17 hours ago


Yellow card for Cesar Montes.

19:38 17 hours ago


Henry Martín is accompanied off the field of play due to a possible injury, after a hit with César Montes.

19:32 17 hours ago


The Rayados regain control of the game and handle the ball in search of opening the scoring in their favor.

19:27 17 hours ago


The duel is matched at the BBVA Bancomer Stadium with options for both sides.

19:23 17 hours ago


America begins to respond and snatches the ball from the Rayados, the Eagles’ first chances for the goal, but with nothing.

19:17 17 hours ago


Monterrey begins to touch Memo Ochoa’s goal in search of opening the scoring. The Eagles trying to get out with control of the ball.

19:13 17 hours ago


The Rayados take the initiative to have the ball but without generating any danger at the moment.

19:07 18 hours ago


Start the match.

19:03 18 hours ago

About to start

The previous protocols of Liga MX and the presentation of the game begin.

18:58 18 hours ago

America lineup!

18:50 18 hours ago

Monterey lineup!

18:44 18 hours ago

Monterey has arrived!

18:44 18 hours ago

The Eagles landed!

18:39 18 hours ago

Last result!

The last match between the two teams was during last season where, on matchday 17, both teams drew goalless at the Azteca Stadium. Although both teams wanted to keep the victory, both were more focused on the Liguilla that was coming and they were not going to risk too much. On this occasion, we will see a different duel where both teams will seek victory to add 3 and avoid a tie at all costs.

18:34 18 hours ago

Referee appointment

18:29 18 hours ago

Face to face

18:24 18 hours ago

Let’s start!

We are a little less than an hour before the match between Monterey and America begins at the BBVA Bancomer Stadium. Both quintets will go out in search of victory. Who will make it tonight? Follow our coverage on VAVEL.

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Don’t leave here to follow this game LIVE!

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Where to see the game?

18:09 19 hours ago

Rogelio Funes Morí, player to watch!

18:04 19 hours ago

How do the Rayados arrive?

The Rayados arrive after starting their path in Clausura 2022 in a good way with a couple of draws and a victory, however, after playing the Club World Cup, the club has not found regularity and has only achieved 1 point since then. This, in addition to the failure in the Club World Cup, was one of the main reasons for the board to make the decision to dismiss Javier Aguirre as coach. To replace him, Victor Manuel Vucetivh arrived, an old acquaintance of the club, with whom they will seek to return the Rayados to the top of the Mx League and show that they are one of the candidates for the title. The Monterrey team comes to this duel with a record of 1 win, 3 draws and 2 losses, in addition to having 2 pending games, so the change in the coaching staff may be in time, before the club crosses the border of the half a tournament and have more games to get closer to Liguilla positions. The Rayados will seek to take advantage of the game against America to be the first step in search of promotion in the table.

17:59 19 hours ago

Diego Valdes, player to watch!

17:54 19 hours ago

How do the Eagles arrive?

The Águilas del América enter the BBVA Bancomer Stadium as last place in the table and being one of the worst defenses in the tournament with 14 goals conceded so far in Clausura 2022. This week, the most important news of the club was the departure of Santiago Solari as coach of the Azulcremas. The club is looking for a new strategist to try to turn this bad tournament around and try to get the Eagles into the Liguilla at all costs. For this duel, América appointed an interim coaching staff with Fernando Ortiz at the helm to lead the game this day. The Eagles will seek to take advantage of the duel against the Rayados so that it is the beginning of a good streak that brings them closer to playoff positions and the tournament can end in a more decent way. At the moment, the team has a record of 1 win, 3 draws and 4 losses.

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Where is the game?

17:44 19 hours ago


Good morning to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the match broadcast Rayados de Monterrey vs. Eagles of America live, corresponding to Matchday 9 of the Liga Mx Clausura 2022. The match will take place at the BBVA Bancomer Stadium, at 7:00 p.m.

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