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The specialty in psychiatry and epidemiology was opened for the first time in Chihuahua with the intention of preparing doctors for the challenges that today presents, after the SARS CoV2 virus pandemic.

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This year, 117 male and 103 female physicians enter Residences 1 (R1), a total of 20 specialties that will be studied in various locations.

Dr. Luis Carlos Hinojos Gallardo, director of the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, reported that three doctors, two from Chihuahua and one from Mexico City, have joined the specialty of psychiatry, who will complete four years of training at the Health Hospital Mental Dr. Ignacio González Estavillo.

Last Tuesday the formal start was given to the training of these specialists in psychiatry, where Dr. Luis Grajeda, former president of the Chihuahua State College of Psychiatry, will be the head of the postgraduate course.

Until last year there were 18 specialties, but in 2022 the need to train professionals to meet the demand of the population has led to the opening of two more.

The venues will be the Dr. Salvador Zubirán General Hospital, the Dr. Jesús Enrique Grajeda Central Hospital, the IMSS Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and the IMSS Regional General Hospital number 1, the Specialty Children’s Hospital and the ISSSTE.

In addition, there are three high specialties at the Star Médica Hospital focused on specialist doctors, such as joint surgery, reproductive biology, and laparoscopic surgery in gynecology. In the Central Hospital there is plastic surgery, nephrology, intensive care and angiology.

Dr. Olivia Larrinúa, Research and Postgraduate Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, pointed out that all hospitals and doctors have adapted to this new normality, since many of the hospitals were allocated one hundred percent for Covid care, so a redistribution was made.

The doctor highlighted that in the medical area women have come a long way, since before there were specialties that were considered only for men, such as orthopedics, where Olivia Larrinúa is one of the three female specialists that exist in Chihuahua and one more in Delicias, In addition, three more have entered the ISSSTE, IMSS Morelos and Central. It is no longer seen as something extraordinary.

Women have ventured into the area of ​​surgery, where even Laura Piñón, one of the graduates of the faculty, is now the head of the specialty at the Dr. Salvador Zubirán General Hospital.

In the same way they have ventured into urology and proctology, as well as plastic surgery, pediatric surgeons or angiology surgeons.

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