Shakhtar coach died as a result of Russian attacks

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to claim the lives of hundreds of people. The world of sport has not remained oblivious to the war conflictbecause in the last few hours the death of a Shakhtar Donetsk youth coach, who was killed.

Through their social networks, Serhiy Palkingeneral director of the entity based in the city of Donetsk, confirmed the death of the coach of the promises of Ukrainian football, whose name was not revealed.

An employee of ours died yesterday. a kids coach. She died for the shrapnel from a Russian shell. Russia is killing the Ukrainians. Stop this madness!” Said the manager in a long and emotional message.

In the same publication, the director took the opportunity to express his feelings regarding the invasion of russiawhich began just over a week after the official announcement that it launched Vladimir Putin.

“Russia has committed a terrible and treacherous military attack on Ukraine. A country that each of you has visited and where you have always been welcome. A country where you have relatives, friends, acquaintances. The country where some of you were born. And this country, its people, is being destroyed today by the russian army with all kinds of weapons”, he shared.

The losses of athletes due to the war

The death of the youth coach Shakhtar Donetsk joined the death of two Ukrainian soccer promises: Vitalii Sapylo21 years old, and Dmytro Martynenko, 25 years old. Another athlete who died from the war was Yevhen Malyshevjust 19 years old and who was part of the Ukrainian junior national team.

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