Neither Macías nor Alvarado, the player who did surprise Michel Leaño in Chivas

A Chivas player would have surprised Michel Leaño for his good performance.
A Chivas player would have surprised Michel Leaño for his good performance.

Chivas rescued a tie after being two goals down in the scoring at half time of the match against Athletic Saint Louisand although it was not enough to win, there would be some players who left a good impression on Michel Leano.

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Goodbye to Michel Leaño, the coach who is already in Chivas and could take his position

players like Jose Juan Macias and Robert Alvarado they did not have their best game, but Leaño would have been surprised by the good performance and the sparks of quality from Sebastian Perez Bouquet.

The 18-year-old midfielder made his first start with Chivas in his career, and was substituted until the 84th minute when he left the field for Cesar Huertaso his performance would have had the approval of the coach and he could have more opportunities in the following games.

Pérez Bouquet’s numbers in this tournament in Chivas

Sebastian Perez Bouquet reached 115 minutes played in four games in which he has participated in this tournament, and although he has not yet scored goals or given assists, he has shown signs that he can be an important player for Chivas in the near future.

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Until he finally understood, they filter that Vergara met with the new Chivas DT

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