Julio César Chávez warns that Junior was hospitalized again

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After various rumors spread about the whereabouts of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.It was his father, the legendary Julio César Chávez, who published a video in which he clarified that he was admitted to a rehabilitation clinic.

“Hello to all my friends who have asked about my son Julio, I want to tell you that my son is in good handsis my son in a recovery programFirst of all, God, very soon he will be fine and he will be able to talk to all of you,” said Cesar del Boxeo.

Accompanied by his grandson, Chavez Gonzalez reiterated that the Junior ‘He is not kidnapped’, assuring that there would be a message from him soon.

“For everyone who they are asking if he is kidnapped, if he is missing, none of that, my son is recovering and very soon he will give information, so that you can enjoy your son. Blessings to all,” he said.

recent problems

In recent weeks the controversy has surrounded the family Chavezwell the Junior ranted against staff at his father’s rehab clinics.

“I don’t get along with the people at my dad’s clinic because they are garbagethe truth… My dad’s clinic is worsetoday several escaped and it’s worse, it’s not about lying,” Chavez Carrasco threw out.

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