Conor McGregor offers to buy Chelsea with brilliant animation

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Roman Abramovich put Chelsea up for sale after his immigration problem in United Kingdom and conor mcgregor offered to buy the club from the premier league and launched a great animation where he himself appears as DT of the Londoners.

the star of the UFC he first tweeted: “I want to explore this”, sweeping the official account of the Blueswith a conversation that reads ‘Chelsea for sale for 3 billion pounds. Let’s buy”.

Hours later he published an animation in which he shows himself as DT of the London team, where he is seen having a press conference and later conversing with who seems to be Roman Abramovich.

The Irish fighter had already shown his interest in buying to the Man Utd at the beginning of 2021, a team that belongs to the family Glazer and he also spoke with Celtic’s biggest investor, Dermot Desmond, to acquire shares in the Scottish club.

Abramovich announced on Wednesday its intention to sell to Chelseaas well as seeking to dispose of his properties in England while the government of United Kingdom search freeze assets of Russians with high purchasing power in its territory who have alleged links with Vladimir Putin.

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