Why Guillermo Almada refused to lead Uruguay and preferred Tuzos

Pachuca has become an entertainer MX League from the hand of William Almada as a coach. The DT has found the formula to direct the Tuzos in a story that could have been different if the coach had agreed to lead the Uruguay national team when it was offered.

In an interview with TUDN, Almada He explained that he refused to direct Uruguay because he was only guaranteed four games and it was a project that did not convince him and he let the team know. Uruguayan Football Association (AUF).

I lowered myself a little, let’s say, from the possibility of being in the national team when it was decided to offer four games to the coach in turn… because for me the project was not serious and we were going to give an image that seemed to me not the best, “he revealed.

The Uruguayan Association had several candidates as possible technicians, including Marcelo Gallardo, Diego Aguirre and diego alonsowho was finally appointed as coach of La Celeste.

Almada stopped being a coach Saintswith whom he reached a Final, on November 30, and two days later he was announced with the Tuzos from Pachuca.

“When the news of my departure from Santos was made public They started calling me from teams from Arabia, from Qatar, from South America, from Mexico and among them Pachuca and well, they made me feel important, they insisted a lot”, he commented.

Almada himself had spoken, during his presentation with the Tuzosof the interest of Uruguay for taking him to the bench, but on that occasion he just said that it was a different path from his, for now.

I had been quite excited about Uruguay because it is within my objectives and my plans, that’s why I always put the exit clause for the Uruguayan National Team. Apart from that, we feel prepared and qualified to lead a project that will be different, neither better nor worse, and that we believe can be a contribution to the growth of the national team”, he said.

“But they are wishes and illusions, and surely we will be supporting to death the coach who touches him, as we did with Tabarez providing information on the Uruguayan players we had in SaintsWhat Brian Lozano and Fernando Gorriarán, and working hard for La Celeste, always wanting it to win”.

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