Canelo exhibits Andy Ruiz’s indiscipline: he no longer comes to train

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One of the most anticipated returns in the world of boxing is that of Andrew Ruizboxer who a few months ago he had placed himself under the orders of Eddy Reynosoin order to regain the prominence he had when he was proclaimed world heavyweight champion by beating the British Anthony Joshua.

However, it seems that the destroyer’s intent is not as firm as it seemed at firstbecause the Canelo Alvarez revealed that he boxer is missing and has not gone to the gym to train.

Even the case of Andrew Ruiz is similar to that of Ryan García, who broke up a few days ago with Eddy Reynosoarguing that the trainer did not dedicate time to him to train, although the Cinnamon He said that it was rather a matter of lack of discipline.

Eddy has time for all the fighters, you can ask everyone. If you take the time to be in the gym and train properly with discipline, Eddy will always be there. If you come and train 20 minutes, then you don’t come for four days or you arrive after the time you had agreed… you need to be disciplined.

“You can ask Óscar Valdez, Frank Sánchez. I don’t know what happened to Andy Ruiz, it’s the same (as Ryan Garcia). He came one day and then he doesn’t come anymore“he declared Cinnamon for the ESNews channel.

Almost a year without fighting

The destroyer next May will celebrate a year without fighting, since his last fight was in 2021 when beat Chris Arreaola in its first fight under the baton of Eddy Reynoso; however, months later the boxer had to undergo knee surgery.

Later, the boxer He has not given proof that he will return to the ring soonsomething that urges him because in his last great exhibition he was defeated in his second confrontation by Anthony Joshua.

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