The day Shevchenko silenced Moscow with a goal

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22 years ago the Ukrainian striker Andriy Shevchenko scored a goal in Moscow Luzhniki Stadium to silence the entire Russian tribune, who watched in disbelief as their chances of reaching the European Championship were diluted because of a Ukrainian and also in front of Vladimir Putin!

It all happened on October 9, 1999 as part of the Qualifiers heading to the Euro 2000 which was held in Belgium and Holland. That afternoon the last match of Group 4 was played for both teams that were looking to enter the tournament directly.

It is necessary to make a note, this match at that time was quite an event because Ukraine, a former Soviet Socialist Republic, was facing Russia in something that only happened twice and nothing more, because later the UEFA banned this confrontation precisely because of the political and social tensions between the two nations. Russia is currently at war with Ukraine and they have the world on edge.

But in 1999 the situation was different, and even that night the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attended the meeting hoping that Russia could get the victory and reach the Euro. the selection of Russia they just needed to win to secure their passage to the continental tournament while a draw was enough for Ukraine to secure second place.

There were 75 minutes of tension in the grandstand of the Luzhniki Stadium and nobody could open the scoring when the Russian midfielder appeared Valery Karpin with a free kick that beat the Ukrainian goalkeeper for 1-0. Everything was happiness for the Russians.

However, Andriy Shevchenko was responsible for silencing all of Moscow that night when at 87 took a free kick that went straight to the goal with a strange curve. More than a shot, it seemed like a routine cross for goalkeeper Aleksandr Filimonov, who finally couldn’t even deflect it and ended up pushing it into his goal causing a monumental bear to leave the final score 1-1.

Ukraine did not qualify for Euro 2000

The fans were silent. A Ukrainian had just deprived Russia to play the Euro 2000. In the end, Ukraine would not play the tournament either because the draw left them in second place in the group and they had to play the Repechage against Slovenia. All that feat in the group stage could not be crowned because Slovenia was the one that qualified for the competition.

The only two games that the National Teams have played Russia and Ukraine They were in that qualifier. The first did Ukraine won 3-2 and the second was the 1-1 draw. Faces have never been seen again in official games of the UEFA.

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