Gignac and his goal against Veracruz, ‘a stain’; he asked FMF to delete it

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Within the framework of the anniversary of the program The Last Word, the Tigres striker André-Pierre Gignacrecalled the embarrassing episode he starred in Veracruzwhen in the Opening 2019 he scored a goal against the Sharks, when the rival team was standing on the field in protest for the lack of payments to the players; the Bomboro he said regretfully, noting that it is a stain on his career.

Since that month of October, Gignac apologized and clarified that his intention was to send the ball to the stands, but he scored when it was minute 4 of the match; then the remaining feline players pointed out that they would only hold out for a minute to protest.

This Monday, during the interview with FOX Sports, he revealed that he spoke to the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) the next day to ask that goal be erased, but it was impossible.

“There were many misunderstandings, at the beginning it was one minute, then three minutes; I wanted to put a big blow in the stands, sometimes incredible goals come out of me, that time he went in, the truth was that three minutes had already passed, but I didn’t want to score the goal. After that game I scored the Federation and asked them to take the goal away from me, it’s a stain I have here in Mexico, I’m sorry“.

The truth was that game was a real mess, I don’t want to be remembered like that, I know I’m annoying on the pitch, irritating, they say that I’m with the referees, when I have an argument with the referee, after 10 seconds I go and tell the referee, next time, I know how to handle my matches, it could be that sometimes I yell, they take a photo from five years before, I’ve already changed, I’m mature in these matters. Yes, the truth is, I’m a bit fat”, said the 10 of Tigres.

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