‘Chicharito deserves respect’; Medrano tunde el Tri for forgetting CH14

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Although no clear explanation of what is happening has been given, it appears that Chicharito Hernandez never will be again taken into account by the Mexican National Teamnor in their calls nor in social media, because after the Mexican did the winning goal with the Galaxy, the Tri ‘forgot it’; David Medrano came to his defense.

Hernandez does not wear the shirt of the Mexican team since the year 2019where Tata Martino has chosen to give the opportunity to other footballers, such as Henry Martin, Funes Mori, Raul Jimenez, among others. Sergio Ramos would be a teammate of CH14.

Medrano exploded against El Tri for forgetting Chicharito

Through your account Twitterthe TV Azteca analyst sent a clear message to the Mexican National Teambecause he demanded I respect pair Chicharito and his career, because they cannot have such ‘reprehensible’ actions even though one of the top scorers.

As is known, in the Tr Twitteri usually go up post highlighting the actions of the mexicans at Foreign; so they have done with Hector Herrera, Andres Guardado, Diego Lainez and so on, but in the case of the LA Galaxy they usually omit Chicharito Hernández.

The Mexican team highlighted the victory of the LA Galaxy and the participation of Efrain Alvarez and Julian Araujobut despite the fact that the goal did Chicharito, they did not mention it; David Medrano did not contain his anger.

RESPECT THE CHICHARITO. The official account of the National Team cites Araujo and Álvarez from the Galaxy and he does not mention Chicharito who scored a great goal. Javier’s career in Selection he deserves respect, even if he is not summoned for whatever reasons. At least that’s what I think,” said Don David Medrano.

Recently Chicharito confessed that he just wants the Mexican team to succeed, either with him or without him, because he is proud of the country’s achievements, but the Aztec team has him erased from everywhere.

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