Spanish press warns what Orbelín Pineda must correct in Celta


Good, but needs improvement! After what Orbelin Pineda could have his debut in European football during the match between Celtic of Vigo and Levantethe spanish press He made himself heard, on the one hand praising the good offensive performance that the Mexican had, but at the same time they highlighted the things you need to fix if you want to keep adding minutes.

Orbelín to correct in Celta

Some journalists who are in charge of covering the actions of the Celta Vigo they stressed that Orbelin Pineda you must “be careful” and obey the orders of your technician, Eduardo “Chacho” Coudet in order to stay up. Statements recovered by ESPN.

“There were a couple of actions where Coudet showed his tactical discontent with the player, and you should be careful with that story. And if he himself took a long time to make his debut, well, he has been getting used to Coudet’s style of play, declared Santi Alonso, a journalist for Atlético Diario de Vigo.

“Which is somewhat peculiar, with that rhombus in the center of the field, where the interiors must have an important defensive performance, orbelin should not be misled, because if Coudet sees that you do not give that defensive-offensive back and forth, you could have problems with him and that he relegates you somewhat”.

“In this season, I would practically rule out that he will be a starterbecause Coudet is a coach little friend of making changes and has found a starting XI that works very well for him. He is a diamond in the rough,” said Abraham Martínez, a journalist for AS in Vigo.

“He must continue working and adapt to a position with Coudet, which I think he never played in Mexico: that of attacking midfielder, or left midfielder. Because as a striker he will not playand he will have to apply himself a lot in defense. So in these six months, you should get used to being like an intern and not despair, because the normal thing is that he will play very little“, sentenced Alberto Bravo of El Desmarque.

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