Juan Reynoso on his next matches: “The schedule is unbearable”

Machine from John Reynoso It is already taking shape and having most of his players, the Peruvian will have to put his team in rhythm. templateas weeks with a double date are approaching, as well as the playoffs World Cup players.

“The only way to get them into the rhythm we want is a string of important games that is worrying because we’ve already had two weeks playing three games a week. Next week in the Mexican league is also a double date and then we’re going to Montréal with two weeks in the round trip”, declared the Peruvian.

“We are going to add in five weeks all with a double date and then comes the date FIFAwith selected players Imagine the mental and physical load that we are going to have. I am commenting on this in the best of spirits and hopefully the schedule will be revised because this part is unbearable,” he added.

Juan Reynoso directing Cruz Azul in a Concachampions match

In addition, Maximo Reynoso talked about John Escobarwho scored the third goal of Machine and although the machinist does not like to speak for each of his players, he recognized that Blue Cross he’s fine emotionally.

“I don’t like to individualize, he had the goal, some more that he had left, You have to take advantage of the good moment of the playersthe good vibes of wanting to join the attack, we are in a good inertia”, he indicated.

Finally, he commented that the drop in Christian Tabo affect the team, since with the players who are adding minutes and with the rotations that they make in each game they can show their best version. Likewise, he ruled out that the absence of the charrúa is due to some fracture.

“It’s like what has happened to all of us when they give us an injection, the liquid irrigates in an area that shouldn’t irrigate and that discomfort leaves you, liquid in an unexpected part. So we are waiting for the liquid to be reabsorbed and According to his physiology, it could be one or three days and he could be safe, but he has no injury,” he said.

Juan Reynoso directing Cruz Azul in a Concachampions match


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