“They told me to do Medicine, but with Nursing I was right”

She has always been very “insistent” with studies. «My parents told me to try my best, without pressure. But I imposed it on myself,” she says. Aurea Macías Arjonilla, 22 years old. And his effort, his tenacity and his light have given the results that he did not expect at all: has achieved the third best grade in Spain in the Resident Internal Nurse exam, known as EIR, out of almost 8,000 applicants. Interim results were released on Wednesday.. It is a demanding test (it was held on January 29), with few places (1,822 in all of Spain) and a lot of competition throughout the country.

And it has emerged more than victorious. “The truth is that I am surprised and very happy. I had been good at it, but I did not expect such a high result, ”says the young woman from Calamonte (Badajoz).

Your good position will allow you stay in Extremadura, his first option always, to carry out the specialty although he could choose any corner of the country. “I really like my land, I have always studied here and I want to be close to my family.”

In fact, after graduating at the IES Ruta de la Plata in Calamontecourse Nursing at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Extremadura. «He did not have a clear vocation. I wanted to do something in the field of health and with my good grades (he got a 12.35 in the EBAU) everyone told me to do Medicine, but it didn’t fill me up completely, so I decided to try Nursing and I was right. I like it a lot and it fulfills me, it is a very humanitarian profession and I do not regret it».

When the race finished, the doubts about what to do returned: “I thought about getting to work, but I decided to bet on trying the specialty.” And what is clear is that will opt for Family and Community Nursing. «She is the one that most attracts my attention because I see her more complete and she touches everything».

“Public health and its professionals have great quality, although sometimes it is not appreciated”

The final notes will be published next week and the start of their training has not yet been set, but it is expected around May or June. Meanwhile, he will enjoy a well-deserved rest after a few hard months of study. «The truth is that I have studied a lot for the EIR since I finished my degree in June. It is a very demanding and difficult exam. to which many people show up and I have been lucky that I have been able to focus all these months just on studying. In the mornings I did it from 10 to 14 and in the afternoons from 17 to 21 and, although you have to take one day a week to rest, there were times when I didn’t allow it because I always had something left to finish. The truth is that in the end I got saturated », he acknowledges.

Regarding his profession, he admits that there is still much to improve, such as creating in the SES job vacancies of the specialty to which you aspirebut appreciate the “great quality” of the public health system in Extremadura and its professionals “although sometimes it is not appreciated”, the Mint. “During covid there has been a lot of pressure and I think we have handled it quite well. I had to live it during the internships and the profession was able to adapt very well». And those are some of the reasons why he wants to pursue his career within SES. «The truth is that I would not like to have to leave, although when I finish the specialty I will see the possibilities I have here».

At the moment, Áurea is very excited about this new stage, in which she is also going to become independent. «Now I am going to prepare my new house and when the specialty starts I am going to absorb everything I can. I really want to learn».

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