Andriy Shevchenko pleads for Ukraine’s support in the conflict with Russia

After what Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine under the orders of the president Vladimir Putinthe Ukrainian ex-soccer player and idol Andriy Shevchenkosent a message of encouragement to his compatriots.

The ex-scorer of AC Milan, took advantage of his social networks to write, “Ukraine is my homeland! I have always been proud of my people and my country! We have been through many difficult times and in the last 30 years we have shaped ourselves as a nation! A nation of honest, hard-working, freedom-loving citizens! This is our most important asset!”

Later, he wrote again and prayed for the good of his family and the rest of the Ukrainians, “In the first hours Russia started a full-scale war. My people and my family are under attack. Ukraine and its population want peace and territorial integrity. Please, I ask you to support our country and call on the Russian government to stop its aggression and violation of international law. We just want peace. War is not the answer.”

‘Sheva’ Shevchenko He retired from professional soccer in 2012 as a soccer player for Dynamo Kyivthe club where he made his debut in 1994, before playing for Milan and then in the Chelsea. In 2016 he was technical director of his country, but in 2021 he left the bench to lead the Genoawhere he ran into the Mexican John Vasquez.

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