Schalke pulls Russian sponsorship from shirt after Ukraine invasion

Berlin Germany /

the soccer club Schalke-04 (from the German second division) decided remove the name and logo from their t-shirts of the Russian gas company Gazpromits main sponsor, after the Russian attack on Ukraine.

“In view of the events, development and deterioration of recent days, the FC Schalke 04 decided to remove the word ‘Gazprom’ from their shirts“, the club said in a statement on Thursday. The shirts will show only the name ‘Schalke-04‘ from the next match, on Saturday in Karlsruhe.

The Schalke it’s a club history of german footballseveral times champion in the 20th century, but currently fight for promotion to the Bundesliga.

A little earlier this Thursday, Matthias Warningthe CEO of the operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipelinewhich connects Russia with Germany, resigned from the board of directors of the ‘mining’ clubafter having rreceived sanctions from the United States.

The United States announced on Wednesday sanctions against ‘Nord Stream 2 AG’ and its main leaders, including Warningappointed in 2019 by Gazprom as a representative of the company in the Schalke.

After the recognition by Moscow of the independence of the self-proclaimed pro-Russian “republics” in eastern Ukraine, Germany on Tuesday suspended the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline projectwhich was not yet in service.

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