J Balvin requires medical attention after caring for his mother day and night in the hospital

Colombia.- J Balvin He has not stopped asking for prayers for the health of his mother, who remains hospitalized after presenting complications due to the COVID-19, but now it is he who required medical attention.

Since last December, both J Balvin and his mother, Alba Mery, have tested positive for COVID, and while the singer recovered without problems, his mother’s health was getting complicated to the point that she had to be hospitalized, and even admitted to the hospital. intensive care area.

For several days, the Colombian reggaeton player has been asking for prayers and reporting on his mother’s state of health.

On the night of this Tuesday, the 22nd, he published a photo in which his mother’s hand is seen taken by his, on the photo he wrote: “One more night. More prayers and prayers for all those who are going through something similar.”

Then he posted another message: “I respect my father for enduring this moment, we are united.”

However, now it was he who had to receive medical attention, and he published it on his social networks, alarming his followers.

J Balvin has had difficult days after his mother’s hospitalization. Photos: Instagram

In a short video that the Puerto Rican interpreter shared in his Instagram stories, it is seen that he is on a hospital bed and shows his arm, in which it is observed that he has a serum on.

Before this publication, the fans of J Balvin were concerned about the health of their idol.

A few hours later, he uploaded another video to calm his loyal followers and explain what had happened to him.

“I was in the clinic, they put serum on me, but they told me it’s because I didn’t sleep, it’s nothing serious, but I’m fine… what matters here is my mom, thank you all,” said J Balvin with a serious face .

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